Surrounding Area

Thanks to the attractive location in one of Germany´s most forested areas, the whole surrounding region is perfect for nature-lovers. Enjoy the varied scenery, with low mountain ranges, meadows and fields as well as verdant valleys and winding rivers. For hikers, the two premium hiking trails „Westerwaldsteig” and „Rothaarsteig” as well as many other regional pathways are waiting to be explored.

What else does our region have to offer?

A bicycle tour in the Lahn River Valley or on one of the numerous cycling tracks nearby is ideal for enjoying nature and relaxing. The Wiesen Lake, a 20-minutes´ drive away,  also offers a variety of sports and leisure possibilies for everyone, such as sailing, windsurfing or golfing.

Visit the Holzbach Gorge, one of the oldest nature reserves in the Westerwald. In this 30-meter deep gorge, a wild brook romantically winds its way through blocks of basalt.





If you are more interested in the fauna, there is also a lot to discover. In the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein, the almost extinct European Bison has been resettled. Experience the animals while hiking or on a guided tour. You can also see animals close up at the Game Park Bad Marienberg. Lamas, deer, wild boars and other animals can be observed in their natural surroundings, or visit the  falconry, petting zoo or playground (ideal for families with children).

For those rather seeking the entertainment of city life, Siegen is just the place to visit. Diverse cultural highlights and events await the interested visitor. There are many historical buildings to see, such as the Upper and Lower Castles, or the Martini Church. Other attractions are the Siegerland Museum of Art and Cultural History, where world-famous paintings by Peter Paul Rubens are on display, or the World´s Smallest Beatles Museum.

Spend a delightful evening in one of the many bars and restaurants which offer an array of different atmospheres  – such as Italian or Chinese – to choose from. The modern motion-picture theater „Cinestar” in the heart of Siegen is also worth a visit, showing a broad selection of movies with the latest technical equipment.

Find out more about the surrounding attractions or booking possibilities by visiting the websites of the Tourist Associations of the regions near the Siegerland Airport. We have also listed links to a selection of the main attractions nearby.

We are looking forward to seeing you!