Service Station / Fuel

The Siegerland Airport has comfortably short distances between all buildings.

The Siegerland Airport has comfortably short distances between all buildings.

The filling station is located a short walking distance away from the terminal building, directly next to the cash desk, fire brigade and near maintenance service providers. The Siegerland Airport is a partner of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH (

Fuel:  Jet A 1, AVGAS 100 LL, Super Plus.
Oil:    Aero 100, Aero 80 D, Aero 100 D, Aero 15W50, 5W30, 10W40, Turbonycoil 600.

Refuelling is possible at any time during our opening hours.

Payment: Cash, credit card payment is possible with EC-card, American Express, Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club, Maestro or V PAY or by aerops /app.

Fuel cards (eg. Carnet or BP) are NOT ACCEPTED.

Valid as of  May 1st, 2024:

Fuels and Oils € Price per liter, plus 19%  VAT. BEHG-Charge,
plus 19% VAT
JET A1 (excl. mineral oil tax) 1,5183 xxx
JET A1 (incl. mineral oil tax) 2,1727 0,1130
Super Plus 2,0351 0,1078
AVGAS 100 LL 2,4113 0,1013
Oil Aero 100 7,14 xxx
Oil Aero 80 D / 100 D 7,48 xxx
Oil Aero 15W50 9,58 xxx
Oil 5W30 6,72 xxx
Oil 10W40 6,72 xxx
Oil Aero XPD 100 7,48 xxx
Turbonycoil 600 9,12 xxx


Since January 1st, 2021, a CO² emission pricing was put into effect, according to the guidelines of the Emissions Trading Scheme (EU and German, “Brennstoffemissionshandelsgesetz /BEHG”) with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This extra charge = “BEHG-Zuschlag” is included in the fuel prices for AVGAS 100LL , Super Plus and Jet A 1 when the Mineral Oil Tax is included, but is specified separately on our invoices for transparency.

Important information about mineral oil tax exemption on Jet A1 fuel: In order to receive a mineral oil tax exemption for Jet A1 fuel, all customers must present a permit to use tax-free aviation fuel in an aircraft permanently based outside the fiscal territory before the aircraft is refuelled. This permit must be issued by a German Customs Office and specify the registration number of the aircraft. The permit must generally be applied for in advance at a German Customs Office. In exceptional cases, the Siegerland Flughafen GmbH may assist in applying for a single permit if the customer can present a valid carrier´s operating licence (AOC) with reference to the specific aircraft registration number. The single permit may or may not be granted by the German Customs Office in Siegen, and will require a waiting time. Please note: An application can only be filed during the opening hours of our responsible authority, the German Customs Office in Siegen. Customs opening hours: Mondays-Fridays from 07:30h – 16:00h, closed on weekends and holidays Without a valid permit issued by the German Customs Office or a single permit issued by the German Customs Office in Siegen, Jet A1 fuel must be charged with mineral oil tax included.