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Fire-Fighting Training



Our self-designed fire-fighting training facility was put into operation in 2015.   From the very beginning, the idea was not only to provide training possibilities for our own employees, but also to extend this platform to a higher level – to school and train other airport fire-fighting personnel as well. For this reason, the facility was customized to meet the requirements of smaller airfields and medium-sized regional airports. In the past few years, further modules were added to cover a broad range of scenarios for aircraft rescue and fire-fighting training.

With the increasing possibilities, the demand for training courses also grew. Today, we are proud to offer specialized training courses for airport fire-fighting brigades, pilots, airline crews, personnel of aviation-related companies, voluntary fire departments and other groups as well.  The courses are in compliance with the German NFL-regulations and can be individually designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Next to our own activities, the Siegerland Airport also provides schooling facilities for other training providers such as the German Red Cross, Siegen and the DBRD Akademie GmbH and others.

Rescue Services

In recent years, the German Red Cross, Siegen as well as the DBRD Akademie GmbH also regularly carry out advanced courses and training for emergency care personnel. The extensive facilities of our airport as well as the option for combining both rescue- and fire-fighting training offer ideal conditions for a hands-on training in both fields of work.