Important Note:

As an Air Traffic Control Organization, the Siegerland Flughafen GmbH is obliged to charge air traffic fees according to FSAAKV with effect from September 1st, 2021.  At the same time, the IFR-Fees in our EDGS Airport Fee List will no longer apply. For traffic pattern flights, the air traffic fees will only be charged once.

Covid 19 - Virus Precautions
We urgently request all visitors to:

• inform yourself of the current legal status (newest regulations, enactments, AIPs, NOTAMS)

• Currently the 3G-regulations apply for all visitors inside of the Siegerland Airport buildings. Please keep your documentation at hand.
• reduce all social contacts in connection with your flight to a minimum
• if possible, instead of cash payment, please use credit cards or aerops-app for payment (carnet cards are not accepted)

For questions, please call 0049-2736/414-16 or 0049-2736/414-0.
Email inquiries:

With regard to the current Corona situation, please contact the Airport Restaurant „Toscana Stübchen“ for table reservations.

Contact Airport Restaurant: 0049-2736/1494 or . In the restaurant, the 2G-regulations currently apply.

We thank you for your kind understanding - please stay healthy.