COVID 19-Virus Precautions

The Siegerland Airport is an important part of the system-relevant regional infrastructure, therefore we are continuing our operative services throughout these very difficult times.
Needless to say, the health and safety of our Airport Team and visitors remain our highest priority.

As of Oct 1st, 2020 - Oct 31st, 2020 our opening hours are: Mo-Fr from 08:00-20:00 local time, other times PPR, Sat/Sun/Holidays 08:00-SS+30 LT, other times PPR
From Nov 1st, 2020-Feb 28th, 2021: Mo-Fr from 09:00-18:00 local time, Sat/Sun/Holidays 09:00-SS+30 LT, other times PPR

We urgently request all visitors to:

  • inform yourself of the current legal status (newest regulations, enactments, AIPs, NOTAMS)
    • reduce all social contacts in connection with your flight to a minimum
    • if possible, instead of cash payment, please use credit cards or aerops-app for payment (carnet cards are not accepted)

For questions, please call 0049-2736/414-16 or 0049-2736/414-12.
Email inquiries:


With regard to the current legal situation, please contact the Airport Restaurant „Toscana Stübchen“ for table reservations.

Contact Airport Restaurant: 0049-2736/1494 or .


We thank you for your kind understanding, please stay healthy.