Aviation Sports

Learning to Fly

The Siegerland Airport is home to different flight schools which offer a wide range of schooling possibilites. No matter if you are interested in attaining a licence for private or commerical pilots, for helicoptors, smaller aircrafts or UL-gliders, most competent and experienced contacts can be found here:


Air Alliance Flight Center             Professional pilot training for private, commercial and other licenses,
Round trips, aircraft charter

kayfly GmbH                                     Helicopter pilot training, scenic flights and other events

Flugschule Siegerland                   UL-glider flight school, scenic flights and more

Weku Fly                                            Gyrocopter and scenic flights



Scenic Flights                  

Discover the beauty of our surrounding nature on a scenic flight, an unforgettable experience from a bird´s eye view.

Air Alliance Flight Center             Next to professional pilot schooling, also offer scenic flights and                                                            charter flights

kayfly GmbH                                     Helicopter scenic and trial flights

Flugschule Siegerland                   Round trips, scenic flights, trial flights and more

Weku Fun                                          Gyrocopter and scenic flights



Aviation Sports Clubs:

The beautiful countryside surrounding our airport and the boundless air space offer ideal conditions for all air sports lovers. Links to our local air sports clubs can be found here:


LSV Hellertal https://www.lsv-hellertal.de/


VfF Geisweid https://www.vff-geisweid.de/