Tower Technology

Air Traffic Control:

Phone:  +49 (0) 2736 414-0
Fax:       +49 (0) 2736 50599

Aeronautical Radio Communication:

Siegerland Information 120,380 MHz and 243,000 EN/GE with VHF / UHF direction finder
ATIS – Aerodrome Terminal Information Service 128,705 EN also availible by calling
telephone+49 (0)2736-414-651

Navigation Systems:

ILS CAT I 108,900 RWY 31
DME 108,050
Radar system Phoenix

Airfield Lighting Systems:

Aerodrome rotary beacon (ABN) white/white
Adjustable runway lighting, incl. edge, threshold and end lighting
as well as inset center line lighting
Taxiway lighting blue
Approach lighting with flashing lights in approach direction 31
Approach lighting 450m in approach direction 13
Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) 31 and 13

Airport Weather System:

The Siegerland Airport has a compete system for measuring and recording all weather data relevant to the airport. During operating hours, the data is updated every 30 minutes and, as an electronic data record (METAR), then fed into the world-wide aviation weather monitoring network. Weather information is also available by radio or telephone (see ATIS above).

Ice Warning System:

In the touchdown zones and down the center of our runway, special sensors record the temperature and moisture development. This data undergoes a computer evaluation, which gives us additional information as to where and when winter services are required.

A Saab friction tester can determine the current runway braking conditions and pass them on to pilots whenever necessary.