Industrial Real Estate

Does your company provide aviation services and is looking for a fully developed property with runway connection?

The Interregional Business Park at the Siegerland Airport offers ca. 5,9 hectares of developed building sites with immediate runway connection. The biomass power plant in our business park optionally supplies short-distance heating as an optimal, cost-efficient, alternative to the oil- and gas market.

Also, for companies of other economic sectors which would like to benefit from the near-airport location and the excellent surrounding infrastructure, the following adjacent commercial areas offer properties:

Other nearby commercial areas which are also easily accessible via
Motorway A 45 / interstate road B 54 are:

  • Commercial area Siegerlandkaserne, (ca. 3 km distance from airport)
  • Commercial area Haiger , (ca. 10 km distance from airport)
  • Commercial area Wilnsdorf , (ca. 15 km distance from airport)