Airport Fire Brigade

Security is one of the most important issues of airports. In order to comply with the ever increasing national and European requirements, diverse security systems and a qualified staff are essential.  Our airport fire brigade is an important part of these security aspects.

Taking preventive actions and being ready in case of an emergency, that would be the way to best describe the function of the 8 members of the Siegerland Airport fire brigade.






Among the duties of our airport fire brigade are: Fire protection for aviation as well as fire safety for all installations and facilities on the airport premises, assistance on demand for the surrounding area, alarm and mission planning, emergency planning, first-aid measures for passengers, guests and  colleagues, monitoring and maintenance of fire extinguishers  as well as of all fire protection equipment.


The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has recommended the standard fire protection category  3 for the Siegerland Airport. Depending on the size of the aircraft, the fire protection category can be extended up to cat. 7. Two fire trucks with a total water supply of 20800 liters and with a flow rate of max. 9500 liter per minute can be mobilized on short notice to ensure that every single point of the airport can be supplied with a minimum of 50% of the total extinguishment material within three minutes time.

Fire Brigade Staff

Fire Brigade Leader:

  • Horst Petri (chief fire inspector – BOI)
  • Jens Wildfeuer (fire inspector – BI)

Fire Brigade Members:

  • 1 group leader (HBM)
  • 4 fire fighters (UBM)
  • 1 fire fighter (FM)